TWO Suggestions

jared 2 years ago • updated by Jaime Hurtado 2 years ago 2
  1.  I was wondering if an option to select which specific promo you are currently running the promotion on is possible. (I know this is technically already possible but it's sort of cumbersome as to how to go about it, being you have to pause all your other high CTR promos to do so.) 
    1. For example: Let's say I have 20 promos active (all over 10% CTR and I dont want to pause any, BUT I wanted to select a specific promo to start at the current time, without pausing all the rest.)
    2. Here is why this could be a benefit  
      1. Maybe you had the selection set to run comments and likes during unfollowing so no follows happened during that time frame and you want to run it again so you can collect legitimate date about the CTR. After all, you won't really know what the CTR is until you've run every aspect of instanobel on that specific promotion. 
      2. Second, this would allow a large account/keyword which gave you a very high CTR to be utilized more often until it's complete.
      3. To expand upon this, it may be beneficial to be able to simply organize the active promos by priority that way you can always move higher CTR's to the top to get utilized more often OR be able to click them at will to get one going. 
      4. Another reason this is beneficial is every single business using instanobel or programs like instanobel who are seeking to work with influencers could then use this to run tests specifically on the influencers they are interested in to gather data regarding who gives them the best CTR. Therefore, they know who to approach before they even talk with them based on the influencers following's reaction to the promoted account on instanobel. 
        That data is very valuable and you could market it specifically to businesses. 
  2. My second suggestion is to have a second option for unfollow time. here is why:
    1. Let's say I set my account to have an autobreak after midnight to simulate sleep. thats great but when would I want to most likely auto unfollow? at night. but if you are unfollowing you aren't really sleeping are you? 
    2. Solution: Allow people to select two timeframes for auto unfollow. 
      1. Most people would probably select something like 8pm-12:30am their time and since your auto break is only for 4 hours they could then set it to continue unfollowing at say 5am-8am. This will allow them to get a good 6-7 & a 1/2 hours of unfollowing at a reasonable number say (70-80 unfollows an hour) per day. 
    3. The idea would be to allow us to select that 4-5 hour period of break time ourselves so we can have it set up consistently to look like our own schedules and due to this allow for maximum use of schedule auto unfollow. 

Thanks for your time and I hope this helps in some way.