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TWO Suggestions

jared 2 years ago • updated by Jaime Hurtado 1 year ago 2
  1.  I was wondering if an option to select which specific promo you are currently running the promotion on is possible. (I know this is technically already possible but it's sort of cumbersome as to how to go about it, being you have to pause all your other high CTR promos to do so.) 
    1. For example: Let's say I have 20 promos active (all over 10% CTR and I dont want to pause any, BUT I wanted to select a specific promo to start at the current time, without pausing all the rest.)
    2. Here is why this could be a benefit  
      1. Maybe you had the selection set to run comments and likes during unfollowing so no follows happened during that time frame and you want to run it again so you can collect legitimate date about the CTR. After all, you won't really know what the CTR is until you've run every aspect of instanobel on that specific promotion. 
      2. Second, this would allow a large account/keyword which gave you a very high CTR to be utilized more often until it's complete.
      3. To expand upon this, it may be beneficial to be able to simply organize the active promos by priority that way you can always move higher CTR's to the top to get utilized more often OR be able to click them at will to get one going. 
      4. Another reason this is beneficial is every single business using instanobel or programs like instanobel who are seeking to work with influencers could then use this to run tests specifically on the influencers they are interested in to gather data regarding who gives them the best CTR. Therefore, they know who to approach before they even talk with them based on the influencers following's reaction to the promoted account on instanobel. 
        That data is very valuable and you could market it specifically to businesses. 
  2. My second suggestion is to have a second option for unfollow time. here is why:
    1. Let's say I set my account to have an autobreak after midnight to simulate sleep. thats great but when would I want to most likely auto unfollow? at night. but if you are unfollowing you aren't really sleeping are you? 
    2. Solution: Allow people to select two timeframes for auto unfollow. 
      1. Most people would probably select something like 8pm-12:30am their time and since your auto break is only for 4 hours they could then set it to continue unfollowing at say 5am-8am. This will allow them to get a good 6-7 & a 1/2 hours of unfollowing at a reasonable number say (70-80 unfollows an hour) per day. 
    3. The idea would be to allow us to select that 4-5 hour period of break time ourselves so we can have it set up consistently to look like our own schedules and due to this allow for maximum use of schedule auto unfollow. 

Thanks for your time and I hope this helps in some way. 


More suggestions

jared 2 years ago • updated by Jaime Hurtado 1 year ago 1

Since you encourage us to post directly through instanobel for the safety of our accounts, it would be awesome if we could do two things. 

  1. Tag people in the photos as that is a great way to promote the content we are posting. 
  2. Post videos as well as videos have a higher engagement rate and if we can't post them here we are forced into the app to post videos. 
  3. Bonus suggestion: we should definitely be able to LIKE the comments from people on our account. If we can respond to them we should be able to like them as well. Would make sense for interaction with people on our accounts without going into the app itself. 
    1. this would just be another way to help maintain the safety for all of your clients accounts. the less they have to go into the app at all would be better overall. 
Under review

Promotions are continuing to run and getting me locked out of my instagram account even after I deleted them!!!!

erica 3 months ago • updated by Andrew 3 months ago 1

No response from customer service and super frustrated!!!!!!!!! 

Andrew 3 months ago

Already answered by email.


Thanks for your request! It is not depending on using Instanobel.comAfter Instagram has changed their API many account experiencing this issue.I have my own account that has never been in Instanobel. And Instagram asking me to change a password twice a day.We are waiting when Instagram will fix this issue on their side.No need to worry right now.


PRO Scheduling is not working!

Social Shake 1 month ago 0

Hello, Andrew! How are you doing?
I gess PRO Scheduling is not working as intended. One of my customers scheduled several posts for the week but dashboard is not showing these posts. The posts weren't published either. Could you check what's happening?

The PRO Scheduling was active for 10 days but nothing happened. We removed the days left on the customer account until the problem is solved.

Thanks in advance.


My photos got deleted from instagram while I was using your tool

derk.grijp 7 months ago • updated by Andrew 6 months ago 10

Since 10 days I'm using Instanobel. Everything went well until yesterday. All of a sudden I couldn't follow people anymore so I paused the Instanobel bot for a while. I turned it back on after a couple hours and everything seemed to be normal again but one hour later all my uploads and stories where deleted by Instagram except for the first three uploads. I still got all my followers. This is all happening while my subscription of Instanobel running... I want everything to go back to normal.


Internal server error

zane 1 year ago • updated by anonymous 10 months ago 1

Hi! I am getting internal server error - can not log in to account. is there something wrong with servers?

Andrew 1 year ago


Thanks for your request!

It is just a temporary bug with database. Usually, Within 10 minutes we fixing it.


Under review

If I'm in "pause" status for more than 24 hours, will my 'paid' days also pause along with it?

AV Sum 1 year ago • updated by Andrew 1 year ago 1

Say if I wanted to pause all promotions for a couple days, and I have 20 days left in my balance, will my balance stay at 20 if there's no activity? Or will it continue to count down?

Andrew 1 year ago


You should deactivate subscription and days will return to your balance.

As on this instruction -

but you need o deactivate (uncheck).



how to identify a good promo

cynthiamwaura908 1 year ago • updated by Andrew 1 year ago 1

how do I know the best account to use as a promo

Andrew 1 year ago


You should check Conversion Rate. Look example below.


InstaNoble not letting me add my account

I_have_a_question 1 year ago • updated by Andrew 1 year ago 2

InstaNoble will no longer let me add my account to it. When I try to add it a message appears saying more information is needed and to verify my account by email. I receive a code by email and put it in, but the page just goes back to verify my account.....

Up until 5 days a go it was working fine. 

Andrew 1 year ago


My apologies for inconvenience! Instagram has changed their API some days ago and all services now have same problems. It is temporary.

Our developers has made adjustments just now and look like issue is solved.

Try to re login now, please.

Also we recommend to do next steps:

1. Logout from account on Mobile app and PC. 

2. Relogin in Instanobel and confirm account. 

3. Then you can go to phone and login to your account there too.

It should help.