More suggestions

jared 5 months ago • updated by Jaime Hurtado 3 weeks ago 1

Since you encourage us to post directly through instanobel for the safety of our accounts, it would be awesome if we could do two things. 

  1. Tag people in the photos as that is a great way to promote the content we are posting. 
  2. Post videos as well as videos have a higher engagement rate and if we can't post them here we are forced into the app to post videos. 
  3. Bonus suggestion: we should definitely be able to LIKE the comments from people on our account. If we can respond to them we should be able to like them as well. Would make sense for interaction with people on our accounts without going into the app itself. 
    1. this would just be another way to help maintain the safety for all of your clients accounts. the less they have to go into the app at all would be better overall.